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Sahara in Morocco

From 1961 till now...

It was 1961 when I met my school girl-friend again. Now, many years later, we are married almost 50 years!

That meeting in 1961 was also the reason to get more serious to deal with the future. I became a photographer! Officially certified. We started a studio in The Hague, then we moved to the city Driebergen. The studio in the shopping center was exchanged for a large studio for advertising and product photography.
Attie did styling for the photo sets. A couple of years ago she began photography herself. It's amazing how well she has done! Click HERE.

We sold the studio a few years ago, bought a Motor Home to visit the western United States to capture it's beauty. These photos can be seen on www.TravelingPhotoTeam.com

As in everybody’s life good things happen and bad things. In our life one of the best things that happened was that we met the Lord.
Jesus knocked on the door of our hearts. The best decision we ever made was to open that door.
Jesus entered our lives and we changed drastically.
Now we can say, and know from experience, that a life with Jesus is a wonderful life, and it doesn’t stop after death. What will happen after death is almost beyond description, eternal life in the presence of God!

There is a lot more to say about this. You can read about that at the Open Bible website.